Karma Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school

Karma yoga is proud and excited to announce the opening of the inaugural class of 300 hr Yoga Alliance® Registered Level 2 Teacher Training.

300 Hours

Our 300 hour training is for those who have completed their 200 hr training and are YA certified are ready for studies beyond the HOW TO TEACH, HISTORY OF YOGA and TEACHING METHODOLOGY.  Specialization is the key for all of those already teaching yoga and the Karma program will deliver that specificity.  Students will pick from a variety of courses that are of interest and they will conduct an in-depth study of those topics using multiple sources.  While their colleagues may study very different topics everyone will be exposed to the wider range of topics studied by their colleagues. 

The students will teach what they learn and cement the learning by sharing their thoughts, uses, practical learnings and ideas with the group.  By using multiple sources students will enrich their learning of the selected topic and will present a range of views regarding their topics.  Over the course of the 250 hours the students will select several topics to explore.  Because of the nature and design of the learning the start and end dates are flexible.  Students can accelerate their learning by doubling up on hours or slow down their learning by spreading out their time at Karma.  The program can be done in a year and a half or it can take longer. 

If you are interested in expanding your yoga teaching credential please contact Suzanne at 413 575 6607, or via email at info@mykarmayoga.net.  The design of this training needs explaining and some requirements may exclude candidates.

200 Hours

Our 200 hour training continues to deliver students ready to teach any form of yoga upon graduation through our comprehensive integration of practice teaching throughout the training. The program includes a balanced blend of the physical, meditative, and spiritual aspects of yoga. This training expands your individual practice and provide you with a wealth of knowledge to explore your passion for yoga both on and off the mat. It is appropriate for anyone interested in diving deeper into yoga, whether or not you are interested in teaching.  The training beginning in September is almost full.

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